Trade Show Promotions


Trade Show Promotions

Rudi Tartaglia

Tartaglia Marketing (Marketing Consultants)

Along with conventional advertising, small business marketing, and below the line activities, organizations and corporate bodies have come to realise that they need to invest in trade shows in order to create maximum recall for their product or brand name. There are several benefits to participating in a trade show. Some of them are:

A trade show offers the manufacturer a direct platform to interact with the very people who will be making purchasing decisions. Most purchasing managers of corporations make it a point to attend trade shows relevant to their needs in order to evaluate a wide range of products and services, all under one roof. It offers them variety, at a fraction of the time regular meetings with sales personnel from all those companies ever could. If this is the reason why they visit trade shows, isn’t it obvious that your product or service needs to be showcased in the trade show as well?

Two, trade shows offer all manufacturers a level playing field. Of course it may not seem like this, as some manufacturers have bigger spaces with far better stalls and displays, however at the heart of it all, a trade show is where conventional competitors come together to provide the end user with the best possible information to make a purchasing decision.

Three, trade shows provide manufacturers, especially relatively unknown ones, with a readymade audience that is focused, targeted, and in the best frame of mind to make a purchasing decision. As far as targeted advertising or small business marketing goes, a trade show is by far the most effective way to reach the target audience. A trade show is well suited to most marketing strategies.

A trade show also allows for demonstrations. Conventional print advertising is not interactive, and showing demonstrations on television could prove really expensive and not worth the investment. However, in a trade show, a demonstration is almost a pre-requisite.

Marketing consultants can help you determine the best possible trade show for your demographic, A marketing consultant will determine the feasibility, and look at target groups, so to see if the trade show will forecast a good ROI.

Trade shows can work really well with your existing marketing strategies. And by utilising marketing firms, you can make sure that all your small business marketing works congruently. For more information, contact Tartaglia Marketing today.


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