The 3 Types of Buyers…..

What are the 3 Types of Buyers?

I’d like to introduce you to the tightwad, the spendthrift, and the average spender. These three are the main types of buyers identified by neuroeconomics experts

1. Tightwads“I’m not spending my money unless you pry it out of my grubby hands.”

Tightwads love saving. They hate spending. They will hold on to their money as long as they can. These are the people that spend less than the average Joe, save more than the average Joe, and get more anal in response to salespersons and commercials than the average Joe.

This is not the average Joe. This is Scrooge.

They love their money, as long as it’s sitting safely in a late maturing CD or an extra secure savings account.

2. Spendthrifts”I’m going to spend all the money I possibly can, and then some!”

Ah, the spendthrift. This is the marketer’s dream customer. They love spending money. What’s money for?! It’s to be spent!

Spendthrifts are why credit card companies make money. These people will spend until they max out that credit card, then reach for the next credit card and keep going. This is the proverbial “impulse buyer” unleashed.

They need little more convincing then “It’s for sale.”

3. Average Spenders“If it seems like a good investment, I’ll purchase it.”

Here’s most of us. We spend what we think is appropriate. We think about purchases. We weigh options, take time to decide, and, generally, try to make smart moves and save a little money.

Marketing doesn’t have a one-size-fits all hat for everyone to buy and wear. You need to speak differently to different types of people.

Let’s take a look at how many tightwads, spendthrifts, and average buyers there are:

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